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Animal Science Graduate - Seeking Employment

Date Added: 11/28/2016
Posted By: Rachel MacDonald
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Lexington,   KY  
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I want to give a brief introduction about myself. My name is Rachel MacDonald and I am a recent Texas A&M Animal Science graduate of class of 2016 whoop! I come from living in the suburbs with a non-agricultural family/background. I grew up riding horses at my instructor's ranch with some other students whom I am still friends with and had competed a couple times in English, but after switching back and forth, I decided to stick with riding western for fun out in the pastures and in a nearby park. (I will say I loved barrel racing when we were able to) So dressage, event jumping, showing, etc. are not my strongest points, but I am willing to learn and try my best. I played a lot of competitive sports, mainly volleyball, which is why I couldn't get myself more involved with horses growing up. I actually had to stop riding for a couple years, because I was being consumed by school and volleyball during high school. When I got into college, that's when my passion for horses grew tremendously. Specializing in Equine Sciences really widen my knowledge of the entire equine industry as each class kept building up my determination to want to work within the industry. I learned a lot about training yearlings, to different diseases, to even the issues the industry is facing today (the Equine Issues class was my favorite one). My end goal is to eventually work up to being involved with delegating and helping to solve the issues the equine industry is having to face. I know I don't come with a lot of horse background and experience that most are expecting or wanting, but I feel I have enough dedication and determination to learn and exceed those expectations, better yet, even do more.

I am still currently seeking a full-time employment position within the equine industry involving the business aspect, like management, marketing, public relations, etc. I was recently employed as an assistant manager for a Freddy's in Houston, but after scouring the internet and exhausting all my contacts, I've decided to put my two-weeks notice in and take a leap-of-faith, you could say, by physically moving to Kentucky and actively search for a job there. Working with or around horses has always been a passion of mine and it has been a dream of mine to work in Kentucky with them. So after giving it much thought, I figured why not try to take my chances and go for something I truly want to do.

Will provide resume upon request.